Thursday, February 05, 2009

At Last!

Some of may think by the title that I may have finally found a job. Not quite.

To hear the radio these days, it seems as if the bloom may be off the rose where President Obama is concerned. His picks are coming under fire for unpaid taxes and his stimulus (or stealfromus if you listen to W&J) is getting bogged down in the senate, and bloating the longer it sits.

It seems to be a bad week for Democrats all around, as Nancy Pelosi is on record saying, for every month the stimulus package is delayed, 500 million Americans lose their jobs. That's a lot of people losing work each month - it's almost 200 million more than the U.S. population.

Most interesting to me, though, is what the talented Ms. Etta James had to say. She is most unhappy with the President's choice of singer at his neighborhood ball. In fact she's called out Beyonce for daring to sing the song for which she's known, 'At Last.'

Ms. James is old school, and you don't mess with old school.