Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It would seem that I've finally been discovered by the Lenslinger. I guess this means that I've got to start posting more regularly.

As a beginning photog it was suggested to me to check out I was told it would be a place where a seedling like myself would find the nutrients needed to grow in this career that I had chosen. What I found was an invaluable resource for new and old photogs alike. B-roll is a community where someone can ask just about any question and someone else will have the answer. It's also a place to share ideas and inventive ways of performing our craft.

I made my small contributions, and took the sage advice of the more experienced craftsmen to heart. I also began to look forward to reading the rollicking exploits of one particular lensman with a penchant for prose. After a while he began his blog and just posted teasers linking back to it. This became a model for one of my co-workers who was feeling a case of burnout, and he began his own blog as a place to vent.

After Hurricane Rita I needed a way to express the emotions I was feeling, so I started this one. It has been a great experience and an exercise in creativity that will continue for as long as the words come to me. My hope is that I can also develop better writing skills to delay my departure from this life behind the lens.

Thank you, Lenslinger, for following your dream of writing, and so inspiring one who reads, to become one who also writes.


Lenslinger said...


You know how to make a wannabe-writer's day. Preesh!

Oreo said...

Glad I could help.