Friday, June 09, 2006

The Great Conjunction

If you've seen The Dark Crystal, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, watch it and learn.

I must have been feeling the effects of that celestial combination on Monday. After spending the morning watching the mud fly in committee, we were directed to do a story on sex offender IDs. Since the ole 'Polisher left, I have taken residence in Huey's Habitat. Surprisingly I have found that I actually enjoy the time spent there. My great-grandfather was a representative in these same hallowed halls, and maybe some of that blood runs in me.

Grumbling about the lost opportunity to provide our viewer (do we have that many?) with the proof that LA politics have changed for the better, I steered my steel horse onto River Road. "Let's go to a park and grab some MOS," says Cassie, earnestly trying to stay positive, but not quite feeling it. "How about City Park Lake?"

As we make our way along Dalrymple Dr., we spot a lone blanket with three people on it. At this point we didn't know the treasures this blanket would hold for us. As we pull into the parking lot, the trio becomes a quartet. We can see two women and two children, what luck! One of the women is a lawyer, and her brother-in-law, who is a pediatrician and father of the two kids, is on his way. The whole family is a gold mine of sound and we walked away with a tape full of the mother lode.

We shoot a killer stand-up and head back to the station.

Hands down, this is the best package I have ever put together, thanks to some excellent teamwork in the field and back at the station.

Check it out.


turdpolisher said...

killer story.

you turned a no video, who cares opus to the suits to something relevent and worth watching.

glad to see you found that can of turd-l-wax i left in edit 2.

Andy said...

that was a great way to focus a big topic like sex offenders down to a personal story. And your right....that was a killer standup.

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sen. Oreo. Great story. Finally got a chance to view it. We must get the delegation together for the After Sine Die celebration.