Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Da Boids

The week began with rain. Last week was filled with rain. We almost didn't recognize the droplets of water, hurtling to earth from the lofty heights of the cumulonimbus clouds, because we hadn't seen them in so long. This lead to a frenzy in the newsroom, not unlike that found in the story of 'Poule Petite.' That's 'Chicken Little' for those of you who don't parlez Francais Acadian.

With Monday's rain the Free State of Livingston parish lifted the burn ban issued several weeks ago. When it comes to crisis events that begin with a 'W', our Wildfire/West Nile reporter extraordinaire, John Pastoreck, is on the case.

As a special shout-out to the "Ole 'Polisher", I managed to fit in a closing shot to bring a tear to his crusty eyes.

He has a link to it on his page, but you can also find it HERE.

1 comment:

turdpolisher said...

thanks for the shout.

laughte my ever-krusty arse off at the closing shot. brought back fond memories of a short-fingered news director and an oafish reporter with the comb-over from hell.

nice shooting too.