Friday, September 15, 2006

Bringin' Da Funk

Last week we were kickin' it with the Southern University Marching Band. This is their first year without Dr. Isaac Greggs, who is as much a Louisiana institution as Huey Long or Edwin Edwards. After doing this story, I don't think the band has anything to worry about, but their opponents certainly do. They will be playing at half-time during the Saints game on Monday Night Football. Who knows what they'll do for that show, but I'm sure it'll be a treat.

You can see our story here.


Widescreen said...

Normally I would never be the slightest bit interested. I watched a movie called "Drumline" here. So un Australian!

But it was cool. Your piece reminded me of it. Cute reporter too.

Oreo said...

Actually "Drumline" is based in part on this band, along with some of the other bands from the Southwestern Athletic Conference. They can be a real treat to see in person.