Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Best Buy Bodhisattva

If you like reading, read this article at Gamers With Jobs. It will not disappoint. Don't worry about not understanding games. It's not about the games.

As one and with purpose, they stop in front of the GH3 shrine. Choreographed in their movements, the smallest of the clan hands the well-used Gibson Les Paul reverently to the leader.
"OK Kyle, here you go."

...I see Kyle move through the selection screens, and my heart jumps to my throat.

"Through the Fire and the Flames" on Expert.

The song itself is classic hair-guitar, and while watching the original guitarist play it is a jaw dropping "holy-Jesus-on-a-popsicle-stick" experience, as music goes it's not the kind of thing I put on my iPod for casual listening. It exists purely as an expression of guitar hubris.

As the stage swirls on the screen, a calm comes over Kyle. His face slackens a bit. He closes his eyes. His lieutenants absorb his tension, shuffling their feet, biting their nails. The highway of the fret board starts rolling, and as the first note falls, Kyle's eyes open.

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agent-why said...

So um...this is awkward.

This is "PDX Bridezilla"...the one that sucked up so much of your wayward sister's time last year. Just wanted to introduce myself because I stalk your site off and on...and to tell you that I introduced your sister to Rock Band. There's photo evidence of her rocking on the drums too. =) She's not much of a guitarist, but she may be able to get decent drumming. Then again, that would be a waste of her solid vocals.

So um...hi! BTW, I don't usually use my real name on the blogosphere, but I go by Agent Why.