Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fast Talkin'

Higher gas prices are driving up the demand for more fuel efficient cars. We went to a dealer auction to find the scoop.

I would have liked about 15-30 more minutes to edit this one. I did it in about an hour but left out a sequence of shots on the second auctioneer nat break, due to time constraints. I really only needed a couple more minutes to put that sequence in, but the producer had the float button half-pressed.

Watch Fast Talkin'.


turdpolisher said...

heard about this story before i left for vacation. wanted to shoot it. wouldn't trade a week in the smokies for it though.

turdpolisher said...

forgot to say, nice job. the nats was a little hot, but it moved well.

Oreo said...

thanks, I hope you had a great time. I've been having a little trouble getting the balance right in Edius. It doesn't sound too bad in the edit booth, but on air is just a little off.