Monday, March 03, 2008

Healthy Blogging

So it turns out that I'm neglecting my health when I don't blog. I know that I'm also neglecting you, dear readers. Work and the little one have been keeping me quite busy, but I've got a few seconds to spare with you, so I'll give you this link.

Blogging is Healthy.

Not much there that bloggers haven't already figured out about the benefits of blogging, but a quick and interesting read, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Senor Mike,

Is "Blogging" another euphamism for "Spanking the Monkey"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the extremely kind words. I can not believe that after 21 years this man still gives me butterflies. Maybe it's just an upset stomach. To think someone name turd "completes me"--something must be wrong with me.
I hope things are going well in your family. Hug the family as much as possible. Sorry that you know just how short life is or they become teenagers and in stead of hugging you want to wrap your hands around there neck.

Happy Easter