Friday, April 25, 2008

CrumbSnatcher Christmas

It's our first Christmas together, and the first trip to see the big man is a resounding success.

Early Saturday morning, someday between turkey and presents...

After getting up, getting dressed, and getting her fed, we all head to the mall to snatch a snap with Santa. We find the early risers have already risen to block our way.


Undeterred by the crowd, I settle into a long wait. Li'l CS is quite well behaved, but isn't too sure about the elf running around...I'm not either.


Forty-five minutes later we get to the first helper, who provides a wishlist. Mmmmm, tasty.


She then got to mail the remains directly to the North Pole via the magical mailbox. See the snow?

Wish List Mailing

Santa looked great. Some might even say Santastic, but those would be the people who came up with that marketing scheme.

Ho Ho Ho

The CrumbSnatcher quickly claimed him for her own, and got everything she asked for and more.

Who is This Guy?

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Claire said...

Too cute!!!