Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What do these Olympic judges have against us?

As bad as the judging has been, and it has been horrific, I find many of the routines lacking. I'm not a gymnast and the only knowledge I have of the sport is what I've gleaned from years of watching Olympic telecasts. I only say this so you know the authority with which I speak.

Can't anyone stick a landing these days? The majority of the actual routines were spectacular, but it seems like no one can actually stand still at the end of them. Past champions have been decided by something so small as the twitch of a toe, but present day medalists have been outright spasming on the mats.

Which leads to the judging. How can you explain a person winning a medal after belly-flopping on the landing? Apparently you get extra points for landing on your face. I guess it adds a higher degree of difficulty.

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turdpolisher said...

i'll agree with ya o. my kids were gymnasts. the form and the execution this time around is lacking. it has to do with the crazy skills these cats are preforming. degree of difficulty is through the roof, but in my book, i'd rather see nice lines and a solidlnading.